We're transforming prior authorization with automated case review for health insurers.

Software that enables clinicians to spend their time more efficiently and meaningfully, all while improving patient welfare.

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Suitable for all health plans
Technology developed by researchers at:
Built using Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing.
HIPAA compliant. Your data is safe.
Adapted to your systems. No change to workflows.

Prior authorization systems are notoriously inefficient.

More than 90% of prior authorizations are approved. Prior Authorization teams often spend the majority of their time reviewing repetitive cases which often didn't even require prior authorization in the first place.

Our software automatically identifies and approves these cases. Cases that require further review will instead be passed on to a clinician for manual review.

Reduce your admin costs and delays in patient care.

Processing costs are high, and case volume continues to rise by 20% each year.

Time frames for turnaround times are decreasing. The latest CMS mandate necessitates responses within 7 business days.

Automated case review can help you stay ahead of rising demand.

Business results

Beginning in 2018, we worked with a 1.4 million member health system.

We instantly approved over 80% of all authorization requests without any clinician interference.

This freed up time for clinicians to focus on the most medically inappropriate cases.
cases processed
turnaround time reduced
cost burden reduced

Revolutionize your prior authorization process today.

With seamless integrations into provider portals, automating clinical reviews have never been easier.

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